Birds and beasts of Le Domaine – Hillcrest

The following picture gallery is of wildlife found in the Le Domaine estate, Hillcrest, Durban. The photographs are mainly of birds we have been lucky enough to capture.

There are also a few of wildlife seen on the estate.

I have shown who has taken the photo in each caption unless it was taken by myself.

I hope you enjoy this record.

Paul Bartho


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4 Responses to Birds and beasts of Le Domaine – Hillcrest

  1. WOW fantastic professional photos Paul, well done, Simond and I loved them 🙂

  2. tess White says:

    Wow Paul – those were wonderful photographs and I can’t believe how many wonderful birds you have in your complex

  3. Merle Paton says:

    Thanks Paul, enjoyed.

  4. sandi du preez says:

    Hi Paul
    You are just so privileged to live in such a wildlife -friendly environment. Enjoy!

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