Larking About in Namibia. UI Birds.

Birds and Beasts for you to ID.

We failed to identify the following on our return from Namibia. Do you want to have a go? Add your comments at the end of this post. In some instances I have one or two more photos. Do ask if you think they will help.

Enjoy the challenge.

Paul Bartho

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2 Responses to Larking About in Namibia. UI Birds.

  1. site says:

    Outstanding article on Larking About in Namibia.
    UI Birds. .
    It is surely among the best that Ive read in a long time

  2. Ian A W Macdonald says:

    Herewith my best guesses (in order): Lark-like Bunting; (very poor pic of birds in flight ?Wattled Starlings in non-br plumage?);Cisticola chiniana;N race of Fiscal Shrike; Fawn-coloured Lark x3; Pale individual of White-browed Sparrow Weaver x3; Fairy Ring sans fairies!; Cisticola chiniana (again); Dwarf Mongeeses x3; 1st UI Pipt I think is a Lark, poss Rufous-naped, 2nd UI Pipit I think is a Woodland Pipit (but not checked any books); Perplexes is correctly identified as such! (I just love this new name!); Cisticola aridulus (I think – a great pic!). Yours Ian Macdonald

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