Darwin and the Top End Summary

Darwin and the Top End Summary

Well our trip to the Top End of Australia ended just over a week ago and we are still trying to assess what we have seen.

366 species have been recorded in the area – however quite a number are either vagrants or migrants which we had no chance to see.  Realistically there were about 280 species we could have seen.

All in all we saw some 185 different species of which 49 were Australian lifers for Sally and 56 for me. Most of these lifers are only to be found in the north of Australia.

However the satisfying part for both of us was that we were able to get photos of most of the new birds we saw. In many instances the photos enabled us to identify or confirm our identification.

Rather than list the lifers we saw, the following gallery does the job for me. A few new birds escaped before the camera could get a shot in – the most disappointing being the Black-tailed Treecreeper, the Red-browed Pardalote, the Green-backed Gerygone and the Little Curlew.

That concludes our Darwin escapade. Hope you have enjoyed the read and photos.

Paul & Sally Bartho

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