European Honey-Buzzard – St Lucia.

Good Day,

This morning Thursday 9th January about 08h00, Sally and I saw a European Honey-Buzzard in the Western Shores section of the Isimangaliso Wetland Park – St Lucia, KZN. It was seen from the eMgadankawu hide in the thick trees on the other side of the pan.
We saw it fly in – quite barred underwing. On landing we got our scope on it and could clearly see the pigeon like head with a pale cere and black tip; yellow eye; but the clincher for us was its tail – clearly with a dark terminal bar and white tipped.
Unfortunately the photographs we took were extremely poor as the bird was not only too far away but it was sitting in dense dark green foliage.
Sally had seen one before but it was a lifer for me.
Paul Bartho

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