April Birding in Durban

Weather in Durban in April is always beautiful and this Easter week-end didn’t disappoint. The birding at Umbogavango on Saturday was superb with 67 species recorded. All 3 species of Wagtail seen (Cape, Pied and Mountain) as well as abundant Little Bee-eaters and stunning views of Orange-breasted Bushshrike, and a pair of Red-throated Wryneck. Of special interest was a flock of about 15 Common Starling – I have only seen them singly at Umbogavango before . Yellow-rumped Tinkerbirds were calling incessantly. A new bird- “African Woodpecker” Ha ha – actually an African Hoopoe, as named by Tina – we will never let her live that one down! !  Oh yes, and the butterflies were out in force – 32 species recorded. Thanks for a fantastic day Tina, Vauneen and Betty.
In contrast,  Ros Conrad and I went to Stainbank N.R. on Sunday morning. The  birds were not calling and they were not showing themselves at all – only 22 species (mostly on call). However, a detour to Jubilee Park in Westville produced 1 Magpie Mannikin ( saw 8 there last Saturday) and this made up for all the birds that we didn’t see at Stainbank!
Sandi du Preez

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