Empisini Nature Reserve -25 May 2014

Here is a short report on Empisini – courtesy of Elena Russell.

There were 13 of us and the morning started off a little chilly and cloudy and although there was lots of bird song not much to see – a Lemon Dove gave its soft hoo from the forest’s ferny floor, maybe one or two of us caught a brief glimpse as it took off.

The Scaly-throated Honeyguide called incessantly as well as the Lesser Honeyguide, Natal Robins flitted across our path as well as Tambourine Doves.  We had a couple of good bird parties – lots of Grey Cuckooshrikes & Black Cuckooshrikes – the one male had the most beautiful yellow epaulettes.

When we returned for tea the birding had not been the greatest and for Empisini we all agreed was rather disappointing.

After tea we took another walk on a different path and the birding really took off – Narina Trogon, Green Malkoha, Blue-mantled Crested Flycatchers and eventually we saw the Honeyguides including the Greater Honeyguide plus lots, lots more!!   It was then decided this was one of the best outings!! – the bird count was 54.

Pics are courtesy of Dave Rimmer,  Penny de Vries and Paul Bartho– does anybody know if it is a spider’s nest and which one and if not what is it?  Also the ID of the Giant Woodlander Kingfisher is very suspect! As always!



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  1. sandi du preez says:

    The butterfly is a brown pansy

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