Correction: Fiery-necked Nightjar behaving like an European Nightjar.

On Sunday Dave Rimmer and I saw what we believed to be a European Nightjar as we were playing golf at Cato Ridge Golf Club.

It was midday. The bird flew up from the ground into a nearby tree lying along a horizontal branch – Europen Nightjars style.

On Monday and Wednesday, Sally and I went to see if was still there. And there it was in exactly the same place both days.

However Faansie Peacock has corrected our ID – see his comments below the second photo after clicking on it.

Paul & Sally Bartho


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  1. Dear Paul,

    Interestingly a few years ago, when my sister was living between Assegai and Shongweni,a Fiery-necked Nightjar lived in her garden for a number of months. It perched lengthways on a branch about ten feet from the ground and she believed it to be a European Nightjar until one evening she spotted it calling!
    Tricky things birds, aren’t they!!
    Sarah Burns.

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