Little Little Grebes

A Report by Paul Bartho

Over the past month a pair of Little Grebes have been nesting at Le Domaine, Hillcrest. After numerous attempts in trying to establish a nest they eventually found their perfect spot – a floating nest loosely attached to an overhanging reed.

Patiently nesting
Patiently nesting

They sat on this floating nest for about 3 weeks and we tried hard to see if they were on eggs.

Our first sighting of an egg.
Our first sighting of an egg.

Then viola, three tiny Little Grebes emerged.

The first three emerge
The first three emerge

At this point the nest broke loose and floated away. A fourth egg was seen in it and thought abandoned

Abandoned Nest and Egg - we thought
Abandoned Nest and Egg – we thought

but surprisingly after a full day unattended it too hatched.

At first it was hard to see the young as they hid under one parent or the other’s wings. Now they are no longer little Little Grebes as they get bigger and more visible every day.

We had a surprise in one of the photos that Frank Kihn took. He took a shot of one of the Little Little Grebes taking its first swim. When he got home he was hugely surprised with what he saw – see for yourself.

Surprise. And surprisingly only came to welcome the new arrival.
Surprise. And surprisingly only came to welcome the new arrival.

That was several days ago and still all four are seen regularly attempting to stay under cover of the wings!.

Photos courtesy of Frank Kihn and Paul Bartho.

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  1. Pam Zarnack says:

    Really delightful pics! Thank you! You should send them to Eve Grace at Africa Birding, I’m sure she’ll be interested in putting them in the magazine

  2. de Wets Wild says:

    Really nice collection of photographs!

  3. Thank you for sharing this exquisite photographic record! The picture of the Ad plus chicks on the nest looks like a competition winner to me! Well done!

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