SAPPI Stanger 15th March 2015

Report by Rex Aspeling.



A wonderful sunrise greeted us on the way to SAPPI- Stanger.

As there were only 12 of us we all headed to the hide where this great birding spot lived up to its reputation. Due to the reduced numbers everyone had plenty of time to enjoy this lovely spot.

SAPPI, Stanger

SAPPI, Stanger

We saw and heard a total of 82 birds on the day. Click here to view the list.

The highlights were  Black-crowned Night Herons circling overhead, first two then another four.

Cape Teal were seen which are new to the hide list.

Here are some photos of birds seen at the hide:

Some lively discussion took place regarding the Identity some of the waders. Particularly the Kittlitz’s Plover as which some identified it as a White-Fronted Plover. (The white-Fronted Plover picture was taken in Ponta d’ Oura)

The scopes of Paul Bartho and Ismail Vahed made a big difference and settled most differences.

We then did a circuit up to the pump station and ended up at the picnic area for Breakfast.

Some birds seen wandering around the ponds include:

Most of us returned to the Hide to end a lovely day at SAPPI.

African Fish-Eagle - Rex

African Fish-Eagle – Rex

Rex Aspeling

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1 Response to SAPPI Stanger 15th March 2015

  1. sandi du preez says:

    Query Levaillant’s cisticola – this looks like rufous-winged (tail is grey, and habitat is more likely rufous-winged) Great outing – thanks, Rex.

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