North Old Durban Airport

Sunday 22 March 2015

Mystery Wader

Without a scope, we struggled long and hard over this wader. The very dark patch on its left shoulder was quite confusing. It crossed our minds that it could have been a Green Sandpiper.

It was not till it flew into the water and turned around that we were able to properly identify it.

The next sighting was right beside our car – spotted luckily by Sally. There were three of them.

Greater Painted Snipes

A few other sightings  in the same general area: The first three photos and last two submitted by Hennie Jordaan.

One bird that has us wondering is this Crossbilled LBJ.

Crossbilled LBJ

Crossbilled LBJ


Paul and Sally Bartho

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2 Responses to North Old Durban Airport

  1. John Fincham says:

    Magnificent photos of the Painted Snipe. Thank you.

  2. Jenny says:

    Good to see the female Painted Snipe as the male seems to be the one seen more often!

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