Sally and Paul Bartho

Following on from our viewing of the Snowy Egret, we took time to visit Strandfontein and Kirstenbosch.

After a wet and overcast previous day it was a pleasant surprise to have a bright sunny day for birding – albeit a wee bit cool.

Strandfontein wetlands are massive. Ponds and ponds of birds and a good road infrastructure to get around.

Greater Flamingos were everywhere.

It was satisfying to be able to review a number of species which we don’t often find in Natal and some other “Cape” birds.

Here are some photos of other birds seen as we drove around Strandfontein.

Of course there is always one bird that perplexes. In this case it was a group of about 3 or 4 birds together in a low shrub – head height. It appeared to be perhaps a tad smaller than a Bulbul with a plain dark back. Have a look and see if you can Id it.

And then we were on to Kirstenbosch – see next instalment.

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  1. plover3 says:

    I’ve only seen the Zitting displaying in spring/summer at the Cape, and oddly enough I’ve seen them often sitting on ground vegetation, particularly at Strandfontein, where one can approach them quite closely. The local LeVaillant’s has a very black back and a noticeably rufous crown.

    Happy birding!

  2. You may be correct as we based our decision on the following: They were numerous and seen all round the ponds – always on the ground. (Is that the winter behaviour of a Zitting. We never heard nor saw one displaying in the air). The other peculiar observation was that we could hear what sounded like Levaillant’s in those areas where we saw the Cisticola. But we had some difficulty with the striped head.

  3. plover3 says:

    Hello Paul and Sally. I think that what you have identified as LeVaillant’s Cisticola is a Zitting Cisticola.

    Good photos. Glad you had a good trip to CT.


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