BLPN Name Change Questionnaire.

This questionnaire only applies to BLPN members.

Dear Members,

BLPN is in the process of changing our Constitution. This change is necessitated by the changes to the BirdLife South Africa Constitution, which came into effect after it was accepted at their AGM in March this year. The main changes have to do with the changes to the membership where members and prospective members can now choose to belong to both BLSA and BLPN, or just BLPN. This has also meant that the individual bird clubs can now choose to be affiliated to BLSA or not. We are at the final draft stage of the new Constitution, which will be sent to all members before the end of the year for perusal, questioning, suggestions, and then put forward for acceptance at our AGM in February 2016.

One of the things that may change is the first item in the present document which reads as follows :

  1. NAME

The name of the Association shall be “BirdLife Port Natal” (hereafter referred to as “BLPN” or the Association.)

Quite a few people, from current members to the CEO of BLSA – Mark Anderson, have indicated that a change to our name might be in order at this time. He has indicated that we are no longer bound to put BirdLife in front of the name of the club. My own personal choice is not to lose that appellation. So, we’re asking for your input before the final draft of the document is sent out to all members. Please look at the suggestions and let us know your choice. If you have a suggestion of your own, please add it to the list and return.


The following names have been suggested by members of the Committee of BLPN, and others. Kindly indicate which name gets your vote, or if you have another suggestion, add it to the list and return to This is your opportunity as BLPN members to indicate your opinion. The deadline for your responses is Friday 2 October.

  1. BirdLife Port Natal – ie, no change.
  2. BirdLife eThekwini.
  3. eThekwini Bird Club.
  4. Durban Bird Club.
  5. Greater Durban Bird Club.

Thanks so much.



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1 Response to BLPN Name Change Questionnaire.

  1. Merle Paton says:

    Leave it as BirdLife Port Natal or Durban Bird Club would suit me if you have to change it.

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