Latest Cape and Bearded Vulture tracks

Dear All

Apologies for the late email, our server has been down with no-one in the office to fix it.

Please find attached (click here) the movements of our Bearded Vultures; Jeremia, Pharaoh, Lehlwa and Mollie and our Cape Vulture N207, for the past week. Still no data for Bennie. Unfortunately he was moving at the time the signal stopped, which makes it impossible to look for him.

I attach the last two images of Kentucky on the nest on 14th December. He did return to the nest for a few days after fledging but seems he is now “fully fledged”- hope he had a good start to the new year!

I wish you all the best for 2019- may our birds remain safe in the sky !

Kind regards

Sonja Krüger

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