BeKZN’s Factual Friday Bird Quiz

Links to each week’s quiz in the mosaic block below. You can do each quiz more than once-if different family members want to do it independently then just add a different name in the required slot – the same email address can be used multiple times. The quiz will open a new page in your web browser so you can come back to this page for the next one easily. Quizzes put together by Nicolette & Ticky Forbes of MER / EcoInfo Africa / BeKZN.

Instructions – Complete every question of each quiz and then press the blue SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page – see pic below. If you have not completed all questions and also included your name and email address you will not be able to proceed.

If all is complete you should then be asked to submit a Captcha page for security reasons and once this is done you will get a page as per the graphic below. Click on the View Score button to see your how well you did and this will also give you the correct answers.

If there is enough of a response to this quiz we will be rolling out more of these.

Enjoy !