Marion and Dave Aitken

History and Development

We live in a freehold house in a housing estate in Hillcrest.  The house was the second to last that was built on the estate, in about the year 2000.  We bought the property in 2014, after it had been rented out for a number of years. The garden was completely overgrown, and so after completing extensive house renovations, we tackled the garden. It soon became evident that the garden had originally been professionally landscaped, largely with indigenous plants.  We have retained the original character of the garden but have added some birdbaths, bird houses , as well as a bee hotel.  As much as we would like to establish some bird feeding areas in the garden, we decided not to because of frequent visits by a troop of monkeys. 

The Estate has a dam and a park with many trees, and these features have attracted many bird species to our area.  When sitting on our deck, we can enjoy watching many of these birds in our backyard.


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