Adam Cruickshank

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My patch of garden is found in St Winifreds just south of Amanazimtoti. Although I stay on a fair-sized property, I am a tenant, so I only have access to part of the garden. This limits me from being able to plant indigenous plants in the garden. What makes my garden patch special, firstly is the thick natural vegetation across the road from the house. This is one of my favorite places to observe. Secondly, I have a great view over the neighborhood, right to the sea in the distance. My patch of garden is small but has definitely become a very special place for me. 


I have been blessed to see Grey Waxbill, Grey-headed Bushshrike, and Bar-throated Apalis, amongst others, and heard birds such as Knysna Turaco and Fiery-necked Nightjar. I can also enjoy raptors, swallows, and swifts as they soar over the valley.

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