Eloise C.

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A total list of 78 spp has been recorded in this backyard prior to the challenge with 62 of these already recorded during the first three months with 51 , 43 and 48 spp recorded monthly in March, April and May 2023. respectively. Amazingly all of these records, with the exception of one, Fiery-necked Nightjar (a crepuscular and nocturnal species) are recorded as SEEN.

Eloise’s diagram of the call on the recording with her comment
The process of trying to graphically represent the call was brilliant. Such a clever way of improving auditory perception!
PLANTS – my five favourite birding plants

1. Pigeon Wood – Trema Orientalis

2. Tree Fuschsia – Hilleria Lucida

3. Orange Bird Berry – Hoslundia Opposita

4. Blinkblaar – Rhamnus Prinoides

5. Cape Honeysuckle – Tecomaria Capensis

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