Jane Morris

History and Development

“Geoffrey Kay, a former member of BeKZN, was the previous owner of the property and an avid collector of indigenous trees and plants.  It was the garden that sold the property to us originally and It is thanks to Geoff that we can boast of a tree list of over 70 species.  Some of the trees are species that one would normally find in Zululand, but I have been trying to plant locally indigenous since I have been here (20 years and counting).  

I have created niche areas, so have feeding areas, seclusion areas and a lovely forest understory with a trail meandering through it.  At present I am trying with limited success to establish a grassland.

I have breeding Hamerkop, Kurrichane Thrush, Red-capped Robin-Chat and Olive Sunbird that I am aware of, the garden remains a haven for wildlife, and all are welcome including the monkeys that enjoy the bird seed when there is nothing else to feed on. 

We have a total bird list in excess of 130 species and my monthly count varies but is around 54 species.


A list of 51 spp was recorded during May 2023 in this garden. A number of these, 14 spp are recorded by their call showing the significant difference call recognition can make to the total number of species that you list during any particular session.


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