Monthly Tasks | BeKZN 2023 – In My Backyard

March 2023

Send one photo by email to which gives an overview of the backyard you have chosen so it can be added to the Theme home page

Create a bird checklist during March 2023. This can include both birds seen and heard. If you already have a running/cumulative checklist keep it separate but send it too.

The photo and bird list must be sent to by the 31st March 2023 to make you eligible for the March prize.

NB – The checklist for the first Challenge must be arranged by bird families. The Birds of the World website ( or your field guide will help with this.

By placing similar birds in the same taxonomic families, biologists sort birds by their shared fundamental characteristics—how they are built, how they act and raise their offspring, and how they make a living. It is no accident that most good field guides are still organized by families (David Winkler)

“Memorize all the world’s avian taxonomic families and you’ll enjoy faster bird ids and a global appreciation for bird diversity.” (also Winkler).

April 2023

Record and Identify the Dawn Chorus
Objective: Use the recordings to identify as many bird species as possible through their calls.  

•Choose a location where you can hear the dawn chorus clearly between – suggest between 5:30-6:30am.
•Record the dawn chorus for 1-2 minutes at a time.  Try to minimize picking up other noises that will mask bird sounds.
•Submit the recording along with a list of identified bird species by 30 April.

Use your phones recording app to capture the bird sounds and if that is too challenging use the Video function of the camera.Listen to the recording multiple times to ensure you identify all the bird species present.

May 2023

Watch your garden this month and from previous experience list the five most significant plants that attract birds in your backyard


1. List the common name and species name of each plant (five only)

2. At the end of the month send the follwing
a)Send one photo showing the whole plant
b)Send a photo(s) which show close ups of specific features of the plant – leaf, flower or fruiting body

3. PLEASE Continue with your list using the Excel Sheet provided in family order – please indicate with an S for Seen and H for Heard records for May.

June 2023

Choose your five favourite winter birds and say why they have been chosen during June as the WINTER solstice month.

Send one photo ONLY for each species (will be added to your website with photo credit) taken during this month.

Also update the bird list using the family checklist provided using S (Seen) and H (heard) so we can do a comparison across everyone’s lists in August.

July 2023