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History and Development

In my own Backyard: Muirfield Drive

We found our little spot on the Mzingazi Golf Estate in 2013.  Building was completed in March 2014. There was no garden other than for about seven established indigenous trees on the property itself. We started creating an indigenous garden to attract not only birdlife but also butterflies, insects, bees and frogs.

The Erf has only neighbours on the one side. The landscape is made up of Coastal Greenbelt forest that borders along the fence at the back and surroundings, and my front view overlooks the luscious Greens of the Golf Course and ends up by the Mzingazi Lake. 

Municipal land, which I refer to as No Man’s Land – as no one maintains it, has become part of our extended garden and it was here where we planted our first trees, many trees even before the building commenced. I once counted them; we are surrounded by over a 100 different indigenous species and my Arboretum is flourishing.

The garden is frequently visited by a number of bird species. The list to date is counting 106 species over the past 9 years. 

click on the photos in the album below to scroll images of the garden.

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