BLPN Calendars 2020

The BirdLife Port Natal Calendars this year celebrate the birds first described to science from KwaZulu-Natal. They are available by email order, from any committee member – click here to see the committee – or at our Indoor Meetings held monthly on the second Wednesday of each month at the Westville Methodist Church.

Link Road Sit-in.

Tuesday 27thAugust arrived but not with the predicted sunshine, instead there was cloud cover and it was quite gloomy.  Despite the inclement weather 13 birders arrived at Link Road Park for the “sit in” outing. 6 birders “sat in” while 7 birders opted to walk the Westville Eco Trail. The sitters found a site that…

Durban Botanic Gardens

Wednesday 21 August 2019 Lovely weather greeted 9 birders and we spent some time watching the bird life at the little pond before entering the gardens. There were active Tawny-flanked Prinias , a Black-bellied Starling and some Yellow-fronted Canaries in the shrubs and a Malachite Kingfisher dived off it’s perch into the water right in…

Latest Cape and Bearded Vulture Tracks

Dear All  Please find attached (click here) the movements of our Bearded Vultures; Jeremia, Pharaoh and Mollie and our Cape Vulture N207, for the past week. Good news from our nest camera this week- Although the chick is not yet visible, it appears that it has hatched ! Kind regards Sonja Krüger www.