Colour Me Green eThekwini!

BE KZN’s 2021 Challenge

Lets find those birds

Atlas for Conservation

Aim: To colour the 47 pentads of eThekwini Municipality ‘green’ during 2021 to maximise and update information on bird distributions in the municipal area. This provides important data for conservation and contributes to the national efforts. SABAP2 is a citizen science project that is driven by the energy of several hundred volunteers who are mapping the distribution of birds across several southern African countries. SABAP2 is the follow-up project to the Southern African Bird Atlas Project (SABAP1). To gather data, volunteers select a geographical ‘pentad’ on a map and record all the bird species seen within a set time frame, in order of species seen. Since 2007, more than 17 million records have been collected with about 2 million more being added each year. This valuable dataset is key to determining the conservation status of bird species, correctly assigning red-list status and establishing Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas, as well as forming the basis for informing environmental impact assessments. To gather valuable and useful data, atlas coverage needs to be as thorough as possible. Ideally, each pentad should have a baseline of at least four comprehensive checklists (‘cards’), covering several years and seasons. On the coverage maps this will mean a pentad turns ‘green’. Coverage intensity is scaled from yellow to dark purple, making it easy to identify which regions need more checklists. Atlasing is fun and gives your birding a purpose!

Map below showing full protocol (FP) progress – Yellow = one FP card, Orange = 2-3 FP cards and Green 4-6 FP cards. The map is clickable to see the pentad numbers. Note this is not live but will be updated frequently. For a live map to check for 2021 ‘virgin’ pentads and colour status go to

Map showing full protocol (FP) progress – Yellow = one FP card, Orange = 2-3 FP cards and Green 4-6 FP cards. The map is clickable to see the pentad numbers. Note this is not live and will be updated. For a live map go to

Members are encouraged to atlas these pentads themselves or in groups as well as join the CMGE Club Atlas field trips – the first of these was conducted on the 20th March 2021. To read about each club atlas outing click on each of the report links below:

Full Protocol Cards submitted by members to create green coverage for 2021

PentadcolourMembers adding FP CARDS
2935_3105greenMike Jackson
Penny Devries
Lauren Calenborne
(x1 FP each)
2940_3105orangeTyron Dall x1 FP
2940_3100yellowNicolette Forbes x1 FP
2945_3100orangeJenny Stead
Mark Williams-Wynn
(x1 FP each)
2950_3100orangeDave Rimmer x1 FP
2950_3055greenJenny Stead
Penny Devries
(x1 FP each)
2955_3055yellowGarth Aiston x1 FP
3000_3050greenTyron Dall x3 FP
Adam Cruickshank x2 FP
Garth Aiston x1 FP
3005_3050greenTyron Dall x4 FP
Adam Cruickshank x4 FP
3005_3045greenTyron Dall x4 FP
Adam Cruickshank x4 FP
Garth Aiston x1
3010_3045greenDave Rimmer x1FP
Adam Cruickshank x1FP
2940_3045orangeBrendan Doran x1 FP,
Garth Aiston x1 FP,
2940_3050yellowBrett Markwell x1 FP
2945_3040orangeTyron Dall x1 FP,
Adam Cruickshank x1 FP
Garth Aiston x1 FP
2945_3045greenDave Rimmer x3 FP
Lauren Calenborne x2FP
Hennie Jordaan x1FP
Brett Markwell x2FP
2945_3050greenGarth Aiston x2 FP
Lauren Calenborne x2FP

Hennie Jordaan x4FP
2950_3040orangeLauren Calenborne x2FP
Tyron Dall x1FP

Let’s make a difference for the

conservation of our birds!