Useful Links

Here is a link to our parent, BLSA and their links to Useful websites.

This includes links to:

  • Birding Resources
  • Branches and Bird Clubs
  • Conservation
  • Other Useful Stuff.
  • Sponsors
  • Travel including:
    • Birding Routes
    • Birder Friendly Tour Operators
    • Community Bird Guides
    • Birder Friendly Accommodation

Other Links:

RSPB – There is a lot of interesting stuff on this site especially the “Things to do – For kids” featuring excellent informative games relating to birds for kids. The “Avian resurrection” game can be very humbling. Try to design a proper bird that will survive in any of the habitats!

World Migratory Bird Day –Celebrating world migratory bird day around the world, what different countries and bird clubs are doing, the theme each year – for 2012 it is “Migratory birds and people – together through time”. – for interesting info about the natural world, not only birds; endangered species; and you can type in the name of a species in the “search” box and it will take you to photographs and videos about that species. – the internet bird collection, they are linked to Handbook of the Birds of the World (HBW), all about birds around the world, photographs, videos, and an ID quiz.

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