BLPN Awards

Awards Policy

BirdLife Port Natal presents awards at the Annual General Meeting recognising members of the club who have contributed, within the borders of eThekwini, to:

  • club administration
  • conservation of birds and their habitats
  • understanding birds and their behaviour
  • educating youth and adults on birds, their habitats and behaviour.

Awards are presented in one of the following two categories:

Honorary Life Membership. This award is given to members of more than 25 years standing who have made a significant contribution in one or more of the categories listed above.

Feather in the Cap. This award is given to members who have made a significant contribution to any of the above categories, eg club members who volunteer to assist in the club’s various activities;  or during the course of their work or business life make a significant contribution to understanding birds and/or their conservation, through publication of research, or developing tools to understand and identify birds and their behaviour.  This award is in the form of a certificate, a citation which is published on the website and a small physical token of appreciation.  The club committee will consider each citation received on its merits and debate whether that contribution warrants an award.

Nominations for the awards should be in the form of a citation which can be submitted by any committee or club member and sent to the committee by 31 December each year.  The committee will make the final decision.  All awards given along with their citations will be recorded on our website, and in the club archives held at the Durban Natural Science Museum.

Members with 25 or more continuous years with the club will be acknowledged by having their names announced at the AGM and they will be added to the Roll of Honour on the club website.

In addition, a list is in the process of being created and published on the website, and kept in the archives, of past awards to members and their contribution to the club.  This needs to be established for future committee members to assist them in making objective decisions and to ensure that deserving members are not overlooked.

BirdLife Port Natal is not bound to present awards on an annual basis, nor is it bound by the number of awards presented in any one year.

Click on the type of Award mentioned above to see who has attained the Award and to read their citation.