2015 Committee and Portfolios

Honorary President: To be decided at the next AGM 2017

Chairperson: Lesley Frescura

Vice-chairperson: Arnia van Vuuren

Treasurer: Frankie Berghorst

Secretary: Rowena Pankhurst


Website, Fundraising: Paul Bartho

Membership: Lesley Frescura

Publicity: Arnia van Vuuren

Media Publicity: Virginia Cameron

Publications & Editorial: Crystelle Wilson

Indoor Meetings: Rob Jamieson – organisation of venue and refreshments.

 Indoor Meetings (Welcome) : Terry Walls – ex oficio.

Shop: Merle Mackenzie (ex officio).

Educational Outreach:  Arnia van Vuuren and Lesley Frescura.

Port Development: Arnia van Vuuren with assistance from Carolyn Schwegman of Coastwatch. Input from Crystelle Wilson and Lesley Frescura where needed.

Wind Turbines: Arnia van Vuuren.

Bird Monitoring & Conservation Group:

Steve Davis (ex officio)

and Crispin Hemson (ex officio) 

Our satellite Krantzkloof Birds, is represented by Tessa White”

Conservation – all committee members.

We also have a list of volunteer members who help us out when they are needed – usually in support of educational or publicity outreaches. If you would like to add your name to the list, click BLPN and write “Volunteer” in the Subject heading. 

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