Alert Services

Important birding related email list servers are shown below. Join the discussion groups to be kept informed on birding and birding related issues.

Typically these are subjects for group discussion:

  • local bird sightings and news from the Eastern Cape Provinces of South Africa
  • regular updates of national rarities in the area
  • reports of locally rare birds
  • reports from local birding trips
  • News from the local bird clubs, including notices of meetings and special outings
  • reports on local conservation issues relating to birds
  • debate on local birding issues

SA Birdnet. This site covers bird related issues nationwide.  To Join send an e-mail to Don’t write anything in the subject line or in the body, just send a blank e-mail to the address. You will receive an e-mail from Yahoo Groups with a link on which to click. Do not click on this link as it will require you to log in to your Yahoo account which I’m assuming you don’t have. Simply reply to the e-mail. Don’t change the subject line, don’t change the message body, simply reply to the e-mail and send it. You will then receive an e-mail from Yahoo Groups confirming that you are subscribed to the “sabirdnet” mailing list.

SA Rare Bird News. A newsletter alerting you to the occurrence of rarities and constant updates of their whereabouts. To join, send a blank message to SA Rare Birds News.

CapeBirdnet. To join, send a blank message to Cape Birdnet and keep in touch with Cape birding and related bird issues.

Pretoria Birdnet. To join, send a blank message to Pretoria Birds. This site will  keep you informed on birds and issues in and around Pretoria.

Eastern Cape Birdnet. To join, send a blank email to ecbirdnet. EasternCapeBirdNet is an email listserver that allows you to share information with other birders in the Eastern Cape safely over the internet. When an EasternCapeBirdNet member (such as yourself) sends a message to , the message is automatically sent to all other members of the group.