Interesting Sightings

Interesting sightings and reports sent in by members can be found at the bottom of each page in “Category of Posts”. Open the drop down menu and choose either “Sightings” or “Reports”.

Please send your interesting sightings and reports to BLPN and write “Sighting” or “Report” in the subject line of the email.


12 Responses to Interesting Sightings

  1. barbara marx says:

    While walking in Umdloti near the forest I spotted what I believe to be a spotted ground thrush. Distinctive flecked black markings on white underparts and chest, white stripes in the middle of the wings and white markings above eyes. Rest of body was a light brown colour. The bird was alone and hopped around on the ground.

  2. Bart Fokkens says:

    My Santa bird with a Red Hat, the Red-headed Finch, I saw on 25 and 26 December, also at a bird feeder in Glenashley. Other interesting birds at the birdfeeder recently, have been Dusky + Village Indigo birds as well as Red-billed and Red-headed Queleas.
    A pale morph Booted Eagle also flew over while we in our pool on Xmas day.

  3. Jeff Robinson says:

    At leat three Red-Headed Finchs have been recent and regular visitors to a friend’s feeder in La Lucia. Have there been any other sightings in the KZN coastal belt which the maps do not indicate as part of this species’ range?

  4. Brett Arde says:

    Spotted a Western Osprey in Umzumbe river estuary, hovering and then plunging tallons first into the water clearly fishing. How rare is this bird in the region?

    • I realise this is a late reply to your comment however I thought someone more knowledgeable may have replied. I would suggest that you contact Andrew Pickles who is our bird ringer in the Umzumbe area.””

      • Mick Jackson says:

        A friend living in the Pennington area says there are regular sightings of the Osprey in that area, and 3 years ago, one soared past me at Blue Lagoon Umgeni River mouth, Durban, while I was fishing there!

  5. Herman Bos says:

    Have just heard the first Klaas’s Cuckoo here in the Palmiet nature reseve

  6. Tony Goosen says:

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask this but in the last couple of weeks we have seen a number of sightings of a Rose Ringed Parakeet in our garden in central Westville. Can anyone tell me if these occur naturally in this area or would it be an escapee.

    Tony Goosen

    • Apparently there is a feral population in and around Durban. Unlikely to be an escapee.
      Paul Bartho

    • Brad Hean says:

      A combination of both actually. They were originally escapees and now there are a few isolated pockets of them. When I lived in Glenmore, near Francoise road, there used to be 10 – 15 of them around regularly, but every trip back there now that I am interested in birds has produced nothing (murphy`s law) Good to hear they are still around.

    • Bart Fokkens says:

      Feral populations in Glenashley as well as around SeaCow lake NWWTW.

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