What Bird is This?

It is very infuriating when you have a picture or series of pictures of a bird and still cannot ID it.

This page has been included to let you know how you can submit your images and hopefully find answers. Perhaps many answers.

Submit your images by clicking here. Include a brief note on date seen, location and habitat and any behaviour you may have noticed. Provide your name and a means by which you may be contacted: telephone number or an email address so interested people can respond directly to you. Note: Your email address, if provided, will be shown on the website.

Please ensure you have reduced each picture to no more than 250 KBytes in size.

Your email will be posted on the website and can be found on the Home Page. People will be able to comment and view comments by others by clicking on “comments” below the post.

As your post gets older so it moves down the Page until it goes into storage. So if you cannot find the Post on the Home page, then go to the bottom of the Home Page.  Click on the down arrow  on  “Categories of Posts” and click on  “Mystery Bird”. All “Mystery Bird” Posts will be retrieved.


1 Response to What Bird is This?

  1. E J (Ted) Vickers says:

    The mistyery raptor over Mount Moreland is possibly an African Harrier Hawk. Interestingly, in my records of Mount Moreland sightings over 17 yrs. (we used to live there) I have not recorded this raptor.

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