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More Photos from Australia

More Photos from Australia

Birds from the Bendigo area – a provincial city some 140 kms north of Melbourne.

Sally and I spent hours finding a handful of birds in the Greater Bendigo NP. Perhaps the cold and windy weather did not help. Of course they were all interesting as we had not seen them for some time.

Paul Bartho

How to view photos on this website.

How to view photos on this website.

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Crowned Eagle with its Kill

Crowned Eagle with its kill.

Crowned Eagle with its kill


Crowned Eagle took out a Mthiti (Grey Duiker) at Umdoni Forest.
Photo submitted by Shirlee Burningham.


Visit to Harold Johnson Nature Reserve Sunday 7 July by Penny de Vries

My son and I visited Harold Johnson Nature Reserve on Sunday morning. We have never been there before and it is really beautiful. We went on a lovely 5 km walk through what was mainly forest. One of the highlights of the walk was coming across a nightjar. We spent a long time creeping up on it, centimeter by centimeter so as not to startle it. As well as getting quite a few nice pics, I was able to observe it for quite a while through the binos. We believe it to be a Fiery-necked Nightjar.

What a treat!

Written by Penny de Vries

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Dave did a WOODLAND versus FOREST BIRDS COURSE at Paradise Valley on Saturday 18th May A walk the next day at Shongweni Dam was worthwhile…..a highlight being a number of Lanner Falcons displaying above our heads.

He kindly offered his guidance to anyone joining  him at Mkhuze the following weekend where we had hot days & nights & braaing in the evenings with a full moon overhead has left us with great memories.

We saw a number of good birds in the various habitats………this is what makes Mkhuzi so special ………..we found the airstrip particularly rewarding where the Flappet Lark was a new tick for us  The Fig Tree Forest walk rewarded us with the Grey Tit-Flycatcher too.

The Bearded Woodpecker was foraging in the rest camp & we had good sightings of the Bearded Scrub-Robin & White-throated Robin-Chat.

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Roger  & Noreen  Broomhall.



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More Pictures of the Mystery Raptor at iPhiti

African Harrier-Hawk - iPhiti's mystery raptor

African Harrier-Hawk – iPhiti’s mystery raptor

African Harrier-Hawk - in flight mode

African Harrier-Hawk – in flight mode

Photos by Peter Farrington

Half-collared Kingfisher

It appears we currently have an obliging Half-collared Kingfisher residing at Le Domaine. 

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