ID Challenge

ID Challenge.

If you know what this bird is then click on “Comments” below the picture and state your case. Paul.

Bird ID Challenge

Bird ID Challenge

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7 Responses to ID Challenge

  1. Juvenile Diedrick’s Cuckoo it is. Waiting for a feed from a female Southern Red Bishop.

  2. Terry Walls says:

    Juvenile Kurrichane Thrush

  3. colin soper says:

    Juvenile Diderick cuckoo. Cuckoo like head and bill, latter light red,beginning of white behind and front of eye, mottled throat ,rufous crown

  4. David Attenborough says:

    I believe this is a female Dideric Cuckoo. This based on the coppery tinge to the feathers and the white eyemarks.

  5. Christo Groenewald says:

    Juvenile Diderick Cuckoo.

  6. Trevor Coxon says:

    Juvenile Diederik’s cuckoo. Orange beak, touch of green coming through on top of orange head and touch of green on throat.

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