Palmiet Display at Westville Village Market

Palmiet Display at Westville Village Market 

Hello Family and Friends,

There will be a display on the ground floor at the Village Market, (Pick n Pay) Jan Hofmeyr Road on Saturday, 8 June, from 09:00 till 12:00. This is to mark FORTIETH YEAR OF EXISTENCE! of the Palmiet Nature Reserve and the Centre. 

*There are photographs on display taken in the Reserve of some of the animals and plants as well as the very scenic river and cliffs.

*The students from the Durban University Technical College will have their jewellery on display. The theme chosen for their small, delightful works of art was the Palmiet Reserve.

*Nick Evans will bring some of his snakes and as the herpetologist that works in the Reserve will answer questions on chameleons, snakes as well as scorpions.

*A representative from BirdLife will also be there to answer questions about the 250 bird species found in the Reserve.

*Members of the Palmiet Management Committee will welcome questions from the Owners of the Reserve……. Viz. YOU, THE RATE PAYERS!

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