Umhlanga NR

Sun Jun 9, 2013 10:37 am (PDT) . Posted by:

“Richard Mckibbin”

Hi all,

On an evening run through the Umhlanga Nature Reserve (not recommended unfortunately as it is not the safest place on your own, at that time) I was just thinking about the one and only time I have seen a wood owl there, at the large stinkwood a few hundred meters before the end of the trail on my return, when something caught my eye on the right, and to my surprise, there it was, an African wood owl!  The beaut glided down out of the stink wood in the last light of dusk and landed on the top of a tangle of bush.  I watched it for about 5 minutes, as it curiously did its little Indian head dance, and then it approached a little closer, hanging on a vine, where all of a sudden a second joined it, all in the glorious silhouette, and they flared their wings out, almost sitting on top of one another, swinging on the vine, and then one by one, they flew off.  Magical…


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