Bird Tours to Ndumo Game Reserve 21 – 24 November 2013

Greetings All!

I thought you may be interested in joining me later on this year, for the following:

Game Rangers Association of Africa (GRAA)run birding tours at Ndumo Game Reserve each year.

I have booked a “square-davel” which sleeps two and will be alone. Would there be anyone interested in sharing this accommodation with me over the period 21 to 24 November 2013? (Gentlemen only – sorry ladies). In addition, I can provide / share transport to and from the Gillitts area where I live if so desired.

The GRAA costs for the birding tour is R3 300,00 per person and includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Early morning tea / coffee cereals etc
  • Brunch on return from excursions
  • Dinner each day

The tour leader will be a Game ranger who has spent a lifetime in conservation.

The program includes for walks for up to 4 hrs and it will be hot, so interested parties should be reasonably fit.

Should anyone be interested in sharing, please would they contact me by return email and I will provide them with additional information.

Thanking you,

Kind regards,

Norman Freeman

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