Outing to Umhlanga Lagoon Nature Reserve trail, 17 July, 08.30

A group of 15 people enjoyed the walk this morning, despite finding that the hotel lost their guide last week, and has not appointed a new one – on the upside no payment was requested, and we found a number of other people doing the trail and noted the two security guards on the beach side.  The boardwalk has been repaired, and although some of the wooden steps need upgrading, we all managed the trail relatively easily.  Rex Aspeling kept the bird list for us and both he and Piet Beukes recorded one new bird each for their life lists.  Highlights were the Goliath Heron on the lagoon and the 3 Black-bellied Starlings interacting with each other prior to reaching the lagoon.  We were also very happy to welcome Zephne Bernitz from Mpumalanga to our walk, who came with her sister-in-law.

Bird list – 26

Spectacled weaver
Cape Wagtail
House Sparrow
Bronze Mannikin
Speckled Mousebird
Common Myna
Common Fiscal
Collared Sunbird
Cape White-eye
Little Bee-eater
Dark-Capped Bulbul
Three-Banded Plover
Dusky Flycatcher- tick for Piet Beukes
Brown-hooded Kingfisher
Pied Kingfisher
African Palm-Swift — tick for Rex
Sombre Greenbul
Black-bellied Starling
Blacksmith Lapwing
Goliath Heron
African Darter
Kelp gull, juvenile and adult
Grey-Headed Gull
Grey Heron
Yellow-Fronted Canary
Tawny-Flanked Prinia

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