Saturday Outing to Msinsi – 5 October 2013

An excellent outing to Msinsi – 22 members plus 2 visitors.   The weather was great and our bird count was +-59!

The Black Sparrowhawks’ nest is difficult to see through all the foliage but the adult birds were flying and calling overhead for most of the morning.   A pair of African Goshawks were seen and the YBK’s were everywhere.   We found a Kurrichane Thrush nest with the bird on the nest – which was a first for most of us.   We also found an un-hatched broken egg on one of the paths and Ismail was able to ID it as a Hadeda’s egg!!   The Ratting Cisticolas are still there in the grassland area.   We had good views of Yellow-rumped Tinker birds, Purple Crested Turacos, Black-headed Orioles, various Sunbirds and both Golden-tailed and Cardinal Woodpeckers – plus much much more!

Graham, one of our visitors, found us a beautiful and very long Green-spotted grass snake curled up on a broken branch.  We admired the Jack fruit tree and a single Eulophia (ground orchid) was found in the grasslands – once we have more rain there should be many more flowers.

Everyone remarked on how lovely the reserve was looking and definitely worth another visit in the near future.

 Photos are courtesy of John Bremmer and Sandi du Preez for the superb Wahlberg’s Emperor moth.

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1 Response to Saturday Outing to Msinsi – 5 October 2013

  1. Penny says:

    I hope to be there next time. Love the pic of the African Goshawk as well as the gorgeous moth

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