New birding hotspot in Durban

Hi Bart,

This is brilliant! Thanks for the info, I’m forwarding your email (see below) to our chair, Lesley, who will post it on our blogsite for our members to go and check out as well. Could you give us directions to this bridge please?

Well done on all your work clearing out rubbish from the river – it seems to be a major, ongoing task, judging from the condition of the beach between the Blue Lagoon and casino after the storms. Some entrepreneur collecting plastic could make a killing there!



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Good day Crystelle,

I have a new birding hotspot in Durban.  A mere 20 min drive from my home in Glenashley.

It is the new bridge across the Umgeni at Kwadabeka.

It has cliffs, forest and water species.

I saw 2 Finfoot yesterday (1/11/13) on the river. Chasing each other fighting in the water and washed down the rapids. Quite special to see.  No flying just scurrying across the water surface with paddles and wings.

Sorry no pix.

3 species of Wagtail as well as cape rock Thrush, and mocking chat. Trumpeter and crowned hornbill, lanner, waxbills the list just goes on.


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  1. I do not recommend 2 ladies going on their own.
    However, The Durban Green Corridor has a youth education centre below the Bridge, at the old Sewage Treatment Works, and one can contact Susan who works there. She can arrange someone to escort 2 ladies if they do not have male company.
    Susan – 0790942526.

  2. tessa White. says:

    Could you please just advise me whether this is a safe area – for say 2 ladies on their own?

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