Mystery Owl

These photo’s, taken in our Gillitts property this week, I think is an African Wood-Owl (perhaps immature) because of the dark eyes and also the yellow bill and feet BUT it lacks the dark crown and general dark head surround. My second guess would be the Marsh Owl but beak and feet are not black. Please can someone ID for me positively. It is residing on our property and usually keeps fairly low (+/- 1 to 2 metres from ground level.)

Mystery Owl - Gillitts
Mystery Owl – Gillitts
Mystery Owl - Gillitts
Mystery Owl – Gillitts

Please enter your opinion in Comments below. Your reasoning would be most valuable.

Norman Freeman

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  1. Ian Jamieson says:

    African Wood owl, we get them in our garden in Forest Hills a few km away as the owl flies!

  2. The owl is definitely a juvenile Wood Owl and as for the Sunbird, I would guess Greater Double-collared, going by the length of the beak.

  3. Marlene says:

    African Wood Owl Juvenile.

  4. Dave Rimmer says:

    Juvenile Wood Owl gets a third vote. Any chance Norman perhaps of a twitch for a lifer and photo opportunity??

    1. Norman Freeman says:

      Hi Dave.
      We have been down the coast since Saturday and arrived back today. I will confirm the owls continued presence if still around, you will be very welcome. Can you forward your contact number possibly to my email or sms / phone to 0834537949.

  5. Allan says:

    Definitely a Wood Owl

  6. Jenny says:

    Wood Owl juv

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