Krantzkloof Talk Feb 11th – Change of Speaker

Tristan Dickerson with be talking on the capture of Snow Leopards in China.


Crowned Eagles at San Lameer

Click here to receive an extract from a San Lameer News Flash of 15 January 2014 relating to their Crowned Eagles. An excellent pictorial narrative.

The document will be downloaded to your computer which you can then open to read.

CWAC summer count

Dear all,

The CWAC summer count will take place on Sunday 19 January 2014, starting at
the Umgeni Bird Park at 10.00. Meet there and we will walk down to the
estuary for low tide at 11.00. On completing the Estuary count we shall
proceed to Bayhead.

This is a very good way for members who would like to become more involved
in the club’s various conservation activities – come along, participate and
learn how to do the counts. Bring wellies, bins, paper, pens, tea snacks,
water, juice.



Northern Zululand Photo ID Corrections

Please note that the following  photos stand corrected with respect to their ID. Thanks to those readers pointing out the errors. Also to those who helped with some of the IDs of the UI (unidentified) bird photos.

One Raptor (2 photos) still remains a mystery – see below. It had a pale rump – seen in Bonamanzi. We were told that Bonamanzi sports both Steppe and Forest Buzzards at this time of the year. I don’t know if that will help. I have also been told that Forest Buzzard is unlikely in Bonamanzi as the habitat is not suitable.

Paul Bartho