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  1. Ann Gibson says:

    I’m so happy to read that my two bird fundi friends think it is a juvenile Black Sparrowhawk as this is exactly what I thought but was hesitant to say so.

  2. Gabar Goshawk is similar in size to a Red-eyed Dove and this bird was distinctly larger. I thought the first question coming back would have been to get an idea of size and where it was seen! (Seen in Le Domaine).
    Sally and I think that this is a juvenile. Choice African Goshawk or Black Sparrowhawk. African Gos sub-adult and juvenile both have grey ceres – not yellow. Black Spar juvenile has dark rump, noticeable leggings, yellow eyes, cere and legs. We believe Black Spar juvenile.

  3. Dave Rimmer says:

    So what’s your thinking Paul? Bear in mind that light can make eyes and leg colour appear somewhat different. What have others said?

  4. Note- yellow legs, yellow eyes and yellow cere. Also dark rump.

  5. Dave Rimmer says:

    Not seen one myself before, but could this possibly be a juvenileGabar Goshawk?!

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