Raptor for ID (1)

5 Comments on “Raptor for ID (1)

  1. I’m so happy to read that my two bird fundi friends think it is a juvenile Black Sparrowhawk as this is exactly what I thought but was hesitant to say so.


  2. Gabar Goshawk is similar in size to a Red-eyed Dove and this bird was distinctly larger. I thought the first question coming back would have been to get an idea of size and where it was seen! (Seen in Le Domaine).
    Sally and I think that this is a juvenile. Choice African Goshawk or Black Sparrowhawk. African Gos sub-adult and juvenile both have grey ceres – not yellow. Black Spar juvenile has dark rump, noticeable leggings, yellow eyes, cere and legs. We believe Black Spar juvenile.


  3. So what’s your thinking Paul? Bear in mind that light can make eyes and leg colour appear somewhat different. What have others said?


  4. Not seen one myself before, but could this possibly be a juvenileGabar Goshawk?!


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