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  1. Hi Paul – thought it was on the original email it was in a garden in Dargle – Cheers dave

  2. I like your mystery bird, any clue as to what part of the world it was seen?
    Trish Strachen

  3. Hi
    Kurrichane Thrush
    Rob Jamieson

  4. Richard says:

    I would definitely go with groundscraper thrush. Upright stance, and even the faint facial markings and the ‘tear-drop’ slightly visible.

  5. Almost certainly an albino Thrush
    Thrushes are inclined to albinism. Often just some primaries. At the Walter Sizulu they are speckled all over. They would be Karoo Thrushes but I think the same applies to the Olive.
    Paul Hardingham
    BirdLife President Ridge.

  6. Please note that I did not take the picture – it was sent to me by Dave Bishop. Other comments that came to me directly:

    Hi Paul
    I would go for Leusistic Kurrichane Thrush.
    Andre Bernon

    Hi Paul,
    Looks like an albino Kurrichane Thrush or maybe Olive!!
    Digby Cyrus

    Looks like a leucistic olive thrush
    Jessie Blackshaw

    Surely a White PB Thrush or White PB Starling.
    Always happy to lend a helping hand when it comes to Ideeeeeing difficult sightings.
    Yours in birding.
    Norman Freeman

    Hi Paul
    Nice pic of a leucistic Olive Thrush, IMHO.
    Dawie Kleynhans

  7. Bob McCosh says:

    Based on stance I’d say groundscraper. Can’t see tail length which would help.

  8. Dawie Kleynhans says:

    Leucistic Olive Thrush IMHO

  9. wildtuinman says:

    Leucistic Thrush. Very upright stance lead to a Ground-scraper but there seems to be a hint of orange in the flank which could point to Olive.

  10. Mike O'D says:

    Leucistic Groundscraper Thrush?

  11. Mystery bird- Leucistic Buffy Pipit

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