Secretarybird in New Germany NR

We saw this bird at New Germany Nature Reserve Sunday 15th June at about 4 pm, up at the top near the fence by the road.  It was right at the top of a tree, other birds didn’t seem worried by it.

It eventually flew, but over the trees, and seemed to go down into the grass.

The only bird we could find that seemed to match was a secretary bird, but we have never seen one in New Germany before, and it is not on their list of birds.

Janet Longman

mystery bird

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  1. Megan says:

    Could this be a Palm-nut Vulture (which has been seen in this area)?

    1. Janet says:

      I think not, it had long thin feathers coming down from the back of its head, which the palm nut vulture doesn’t seem to have

  2. Tony Goosen says:

    We also saw a large bird with white underwing markings flying over Westville, near Palmiet on the 14th. We alsu thought iy was a Secretary Bird but also have never seen one in the area

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