Unidentified Raptors

Dear All,

Peter Steyn has asked me to share photos of a raptor taken on the Kafue River at Mayukuyuku Safari Camp on 13 August 2014 because he is not certain about it. The co-ordinates to the safari camp are: S 14 deg 57.2′ E 26 deg 02.4′.

Some points are:
  • It was buzzard-size, like a JB. I thought it was a buzzard but according to some maps there are no buzzards there. Peter has excluded buzzard.
  • It seemed to stick to the riverine area, as though that was its natural habitat.
  • The “feathering” on the legs is very fine and almost absent.
  • Some feathers on the nape and towards the crown have distinctive marks on.
  • I think there was barring on top of the tail. I did not detect a white rump.
  • The whitish feathers on the sides of the head and neck seem notable.
Please click on the photos below to enlarge them. Leave your comments beneath the photos at the end of the post. 
Unidentified Raptor

Unidentified Raptor

Unidentified Raptor

Unidentified Raptor

Unidentified Raptor

Unidentified Raptor

John Fincham
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6 Responses to Unidentified Raptors

  1. Dawie Kleynhans says:

    My vote goes for western Banded Snake-eagle too.

  2. From: Johan Slabbert
    Possibly a light form of Steppe Buzzard?
    Passing through?

  3. Rihann Geyser says:

    I also agree on Western Banded Snake Eagle

  4. Callan Cohen says:

    Looks like a Western Banded Snake-Eagle to me

  5. It looks like an immature Western Banded Snake-Eagle. They are pretty common along the water courses in that area.

  6. Greg Davies says:

    Juvenile Western Banded Snake Eagle.

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