SAPPI HIDE – STANGER 14th September

After reading Paul’s recent postings about Sappi Hide we decided to drive up there and see if the Greater Flamingoes and Avocets were still present.

Well, we were not disappointed! We were treated to spectacular fly-pasts by both species and they remained on the spit and on the mud flats in front of the hide all day.

An African Marsh-Harrier made an appearance. There were numerous waders e.g. Little Stints, Curlew Sandpipers, Common Greenshanks, Black-winged Stilts,and Ruff – two of which were still in partial breeding plumage. Cape, Red-billed and Hottentot Teals were also present.

We went to the picnic site and drove on the roads between the ponds. Brown-throated weavers, Red-faced Mousebirds, Dark-capped Yellow Warblers, Wire-tailed Swallows were seen, as well as Scarlet-chested Sunbirds.

But the biggest treat was the stunning sighting of a pair of Black-throated Wattle-eyes. Also great sightings of a pair of Klaas’s Cuckoo.

Some Slender Mongooses crossed our path on several occasions. We recorded a list of about 73 species which didn’t include some unidentified warblers.

 Sandi du Preez and Gill Leisegang


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