Durban Green Corridor and BirdLife SA’s “Bird your Hood”

Dear all,

Please see below email from Anna da Graca at the Durban Green Corridor.  Please think about participating in their Bird Your Hood initiative – it will really be a great day.



We are excited to tell you that we have been working with Nikki McCartney at Bird Life SA and are participating in the ‘Bird Your Hood’ initiative as part of the ‘Big Birding Day’.

I wanted to tell you about the opportunities (and prizes!) we are offering to those that choose to use Durban Green Corridor as their ‘Hood’ for this fun day. You can see more at the following link

We are needing to reach as many people as possible to encourage them to come to us for this day. Are you able to share this through your networks and channels?

Thanks so much and with best wishes,

Anna da Graça

Marketing & Business Development Manager

Durban Green Corridor

 082 543 6703


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