Sponsor a satellite transmitter

The Oribi Vulture Viewing Hide Conservation Project would like to offer the unique opportunity for individuals and corporates to sponsor a satellite transmitter for an ongoing research programme for our Cape Vulture breeding colony.

A representative from each sponsor will have the opportunity to watch their ‘adopted’ vulture being fitted with it’s transmitter and then released during the tagging process in February 2015.

The vulture will then be allocated a name chosen by the sponsor. The sponsor will also receive a digital photo taken with ‘their’ vulture and regular email updates on the progress of ‘their’ bird.

Each transmitter costs R25,000.00. There is no limit on the number of transmitters per sponsor.

The research is being carried out by Prof Dr. Dana Berens  from Marburg University in Germany.

More details of the research can be found at:


To apply for your very special sponsorship, please email Andy Ruffle at the following email address:

bookings.vulturehide (at) yahoo.co.za

Closing date for applications is 18th January 2015.

The Oribi Vulture Viewing Hide is a conservation project of BirdLife Trogons Bird Club (NPO-040-174) in association with the landowner.

Oribi Vulture Viewing Hide Website: http://vulturehide.blogspot.com/

Oribi Vulture Viewing Hide facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/oribivulturehide/

BirdLife Trogons Bird Club Website: http://birdlifetrogons.blogspot.com/

Please disseminate this communication as widely as possible.

Kind regards and many thanks.

Andy Ruffle

Project Co-ordinator

Oribi Vulture Viewing Hide

Cell: 072 893 3794

WhatsApp: 081 510 8333

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