Clairwood Racecourse Conservation Concerns

BLPN has been involved in the public participation process for the proposed development of Clairwood Racecourse into a logistics park. As an Interested & Affected Party (I&AP) we commented on the Environmental Impact Assessment Report.

The developer (Capital Property Fund) started with demolition at the beginning of April 2015 although Environmental Authorisation (EA) was only granted on 29 May 2015. The developer argues that authorisation is only needed for construction and no construction has taken place yet.

The surrounding communities have appealed the EA and BLPN provided information and comments to aid the communities in their appeal. The appeal process has not been finalized yet.

The environmental consultants have submitted an amended Environmental Management Programme (EMPr) to all I&APs. Click here to read BLPNs comments on the proposed EMPr.

We also raised concern over having to comment on the EMPr while the development is still under appeal.

Arnia Van Vuuren.

Vice-Chair for BirdLife Port Natal

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