Wingfield NR Sunday 22 November

We were greeted with a beautiful sunny if not windy day after some welcome rain over the previous four days amounting to 30mm. It had threatened to put paid to our Wingfield visit although I had a plan B.

There were eight of us including myself and having sussed out the road earlier decided to go down. Although we slowly slithered our way down for part of the route when we got there it was perfect. By the time we left it had dried out completely.

Wingfield runs along the Mgwahumbe River with rustic accommodation surrounded by indigenous forest. The river is made of large pools joined by fast flowing rocky areas (normally). The trail runs along the edge of the river and we managed to cover about half.

Finfoot have been spotted in the past. In the two and a half hours of walking the trails we spotted some 51 species. Penny de Vries did the recording for us. Click here to see the list of birds identified.

Some of the species encountered were Narina Trogon, Trumpeter Hornbill, Kysna Turaco, Black Sparrowhawk, Lanner Falcon, Goldentailed Woodpecker, Dark-backed Weaver and Yellow-throated Woodland-Warbler to name a few.

I believe everyone enjoyed the experience having been introduced to such a beautiful spot. From reports they are keen to return.

Malcolm Stainbank.

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