Crowned Eagle Conservancy

Outing to Crowned Eagle Conservancy

Report by Sandi du Preez

A few of us attended the outing on Wednesday 13 January 2016. This is a new outing venue for the Bird Club and one that will definitely be repeated.

Clive and birders
Clive and birders

Twin brothers Clive and Mervyn George have created a paradise by developing this Conservancy. I won’t go into detail here, but Google it at: It is fascinating!

We began by birding from the deck of Clive’s house which overlooks the pond. There was a profusion of Bronze and Red-backed Mannikins flying back and forth from garden bird feeders to the pond and settling on the waterlilies.

Mervyn gave us a comprehensive historical background to the area and we were shown some ancient artifacts as well as posters of frogs and other fauna occurring in the area.

Pretty Mushroom
Pretty Mushroom

Then we walked to a viewing deck to see the waterfall (very pretty). At the dam we were greeted by a Mountain Wagtail bobbing it’s tail on a rock.

As we walked through the forest we heard and saw some different bird species including Cape Batis; Terrestrial Brownbul; Green-backed Camaroptera,; African Paradise Flycatcher; Black-headed Oriole; Black-backed Puffback; Yellow-rumped Tinkerbird; Dark-backed Weaver. In all, we recorded 44 species.

We were also fortunate to see some non-bird specials such as the endangered Pink-footed Giant Black Millipede

Pinl-footed Black Millipede
Pinl-footed Black Millipede

and the eggs of the endangered Kloof Frog, and a cute green Reed Frog.

Reen Frog
Reed Frog

We went back to Clive’s deck and were treated to iced water with lemon slices – so refreshing! To end it all, two male African Firefinches were feeding below the deck and an Olive Sunbird flew in to take advantage of the nectar from some flowers!

It was a real privilege to experience the wonderful work done by Clive and Mervyn who are obviously so proud of what they have accomplished. Well done, guys!

Sandi du Preez

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  1. Tessa White. says:

    Sandi do you think it would be worth having one of the brothers come to talk at the Krantzkloof Bird talks? I’m always looking for new people and the outing sounded really good. Please let me know. thanks.

    1. sandi du preez says:

      Have sent you an e-mail Tessa

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