SAPPI Outing

Sunday 24 April

Report by Rex Aspeling

There are not many perfect birding days. Sunday at SAPPI Stanger was one of those days that will be remembered by a small group(7) as an absolute cracker.

We started at the hide with African Rail, numerous Squacco Heron with a count of nearly 60 and then moved to the picnic area where we walked to the chemical plant.

This proved to be fantastic with Dark-capped Yellow Warbler, Black-throated Wattle-eye, Little Rush-Warbler, Lesser Swamp-Warbler and Kurrichane Thrush evoking lots of lively discussion. Watching Elena, Sandi, Ismail and Mick in full bird mode was awe inspiring.

Vaughn Williams Harrington joined us as a guest for the day and will be joining BLPN shortly.

After breakfast and coffee we walked back to the hide with all three Teals, Baillons Crake, Black-crowned Night-Heron, Glossy Ibis and lots of little waders (argument birds).

Returning to the picnic area with an African Marsh Harrier being chased by Blacksmith Lapwing overhead and ended with Western Yellow Wagtail teasing us as it darted amongst the foliage. Wish we could have got photographs but it disappeared in the same area we saw the Spotted Crake a while ago

The day ended with a count of 91 birds. A fantastic birding day that left of all of us driving home with a huge grin. 😁😁😁.

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  1. Mick Jackson says:

    Rex ….. should have asked for some photos!! I’ll put a couple on the FB page! (incl the Yellow Wagtail).

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