Unfortunately some people didn’t turn up as they got lost and could not find the reserve. But the four of us that did arrive had a good morning of birding.

As usual, forest birding was not always easy and produced some rather sore necks!

After the heavy rains of the previous week-end, there was much water flowing over the weir, but we still managed to wade across.

Birding from the swing bridge can be very productive and as we approached, we were greeted by a Narina Trogon perched on one of the posts and another one close-by in a tree.

A Giant Kingfisher flew at top speed down the river, zoomed under the bridge and continued on its way until it was out of sight.

Other special sightings were a family group of five Square-tailed Drongos and a very “puffed-up” Black-backed Puffback.

A Crowned Eagle delighted us with a beautiful aerial display.

Picnic-time was only at 12 pm and we were entertained by a bunch of Fork-tailed Drongos harassing the monkeys – such fun!

Just before we packed up to go home (at 2.30 pm!) we were treated to a stunning sighting of a Grey-headed Bush-shrike that flew in and landed on top of a dead  tree – no foliage to obscure it!

The total count seen and  heard was 48 species. Thanks to Oscar and Bob for being such loyal “Wednesday birding buddies”.

Sandi du Preez

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